A collaboration with christina_doodling, where we designed a hero and a villain each.
Then we swapped the pictures and added the fitting villain/hero.
In the end we had two awesome compositions:
A fight between my amazone waterbinder and her witch doctor and
A battle between her thundermonk and my corrupted novice.
Cyborg Girl - Vinne.Art DTIYS
Koi Girl - Philtomato DTIYS
Cat D.Va - Ladowska Challenge
Chihiro&Totoro - Ladowska Challenge
Chihiro&Totoro - Ladowska Challenge p2
Starfire at the Beach - Ladowska Challenge
Captain Hookstag - Koteri.Ink DTIYS
Ninja Girl - LegionTrashArt DTIYS
Demon Girl - Anjohink DTIYS

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